Plastic Sheets Air Cargo

Product features:
The Plastic Sheets Air Cargo we produce is made from 100% renewable energy. It has an average thickness and a flat surface, so it is very smooth to touch. It has high strength, good tensile strength and strong tear resistance. These products are waterproof, UV resistant, sun resistant, tear resistant and extremely durable. Available in different sizes and colors. It protects the cargo from damage during transportation and storage.
The plastic film we produce is made of press molding technology and is a new environmentally friendly covering material. It has high degree of polymerization, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength. There are different sizes and colors depending on your needs. It protects the cargo from damage during transportation and storage. It has many outstanding advantages that make it useful in versatile applications.
Product application:
Open pit warehouse coverage at the station terminal harbour airport
Construction of temporary granaries and various outdoor crops
Construction materials for temporary work sheds and temporary warehouses at construction sites
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