Thick Clear Plastic Sheets

Thick Clear Plastic Sheets

This product is a type of heavy-duty sheet which is used in constructions.It is a product with high shrinkage rate, high transparency.

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Product Description:

As a type of heavy-duty sheet ,the raw material of this kind of product itself is a good waterproof material. After laminating and other multi-layer ultra-thin high-transparency polyester film, this kind of thick clear plastic sheets have functions of heat insulation, energy saving, UV protection, safety and protection. Besides, they can effectively protect buildings and protect them from damage and provide good ventilation and moisture resistance when used on the ground or wall.





4MIL 20'X100'


5MIL 20'X100'


6MIL 20'X100'


  • High chemical stability

  • High shringage rate

  • High transparency

  • Excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance

  • Excellent mechanical properties, high hardness and strength,

  • Resistant to aging and reliable insulation.

  • Waterproof, smooth surface, non-deformable,

  • UV resistant, anti-stick


It is a general-purpose poly sheeting for use in multi-purpose, such as construction projects,

garden projects,municipal projects,traffic projects, paint protection, agriculture applications, equipment covers,etc.

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