Building Plastic Sheeting

The Building Plastic Sheeting we produce is made from 100% renewable energy. It has high strength, good tensile strength and strong tear resistance. It can be used as a vapor barrier to avoid hazardous dust, asbestos, lead paint and mold repair work. It can also be used as a temporary wall to protect against wind and rain. It can also cover fresh concrete and be covered in landscaping. It is more economical than drop coating. It is made of sturdy, transparent low density polyethylene plastic. It is used internally or externally to cover, protect, separate or protect against moisture. This transparent or translucent polyethylene film is a strong sun emitter and captures heat.
One advantage of transparent polymers over black polymers is the translucency and visibility through the plastic film. It is based on new high quality materials and is developed according to the hydration principle of concrete. It has good heat insulation and moisturizing properties, which can effectively inhibit the generation of micro cracks. We are one of the leading building plastic sheeting suppliers in China with rich experience. Pleasure to provide you with the best quality building plastic sheeting with reasonable price and good after-sale service. Buy the quality and cheap product from our factory now.
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We are the world' leading and reliable building plastic sheeting products suppliers in China. Here we bring you the best quality and cheap building plastic sheeting from our professional factory. Please be free to buy our quality products and enjoy our unmatched price and service.