Fire Rated Plastic Sheeting

Fire Rated Plastic Sheeting

This product is a kind of heavy-duty sheet which is used to protect buildings. It is moisture and flame retardant for concrete slabs, and protect plants from birds as well.

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Product Description:

As a heavy-duty sheet, this kind of fire rated plastic sheeting overcomes some of the shortcomings of traditional fire-resistant plastic sheets. For example, easy to fail after long-term use and easily corroded to impair its insulating properties. Besides, it has excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, heat-resistantance and easy to process. It is a moisture and flame retardant for concrete slabs, so it can be widely used in various fields, such as protecting buildings,and protecting plants from birds as well.





4MIL 20'X100'


5MIL 20'X100'


6MIL 20'X100'


  • Protect the building materailas from damp and sunshine temporarity

  • Excellent strength and toughness performance

  • Non-deformation, aging-resistant and durable

  • Good surface brightness, no crack

  • Non absorbent and flame retarded


  • When fixing the floor,put it on the bottom to be damp proof

  • When building the cistern,put it on the bottom from leakage

  • Other building applications such as environment protection,chemical industry, construction industry, bridge-building industry,etc.

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