Fire Proof Plastic Sheeting

Fire Proof Plastic Sheeting

This product is a kind of heavy-duty sheet which is used to protect buildings. It is moisture and flame retardant for concrete slabs, and protect plants from birds as well.

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Product Description:

This fire proof plastic sheeting is a high temperature and corrosion resistant, high strength product. It is made of high quality materials and processed with excellent technology. It is a high performance, versatile composite new product. As a heavy-duty sheet, it is used to protect buildings. It is a moisture and flame retardant for concrete slabs and also protects plants from birds.





4MIL 20'X100'


5MIL 20'X100'


6MIL 20'X100'


  • High temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity;

  • Tensile strength and long service life;

  • Excellent  low temperature and high temperature strength;

  • Non-toxic and harmless, no adverse effects on the environment;

  • Protect the building materailas from damp and sunshine temporarity;

  • Easy to install and install;


  • When fixing the floor, put it on the bottom to be damp proof

  • When building the cistern, put it on the bottom from leakage

  • Other building applications such as various furnaces, high temperature pipes and containers for thermal insulation, automotive exhaust pipe and engine and instrument insulation, electric welding, etc.

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