Construction Plastic Sheeting

Product Details Clear Poly Sheeting Film Rolls Plastic PE roll Builders film For Construction 1. Product Description · Protects against weather, dust, and debris · Works as a vapor barrier or drop cloth · Use black color to conceal your products · Made with 100% renewable energy 1) Specification...

Product Details

Product Description:

  • Made with 100% renewable energy

  • Average thickness and flat surface

  • High strength, good tensile strength and strong tear resistance

  • Breathable, non-toxic, odor-free and non-irritating

  • Environmentally friendly products, versatile and economical

  • Protects against weather, dust and debris

  • Works as a vapor barrier or drop cloth

  • Can be customized according to customer requirements


  • The open pit warehouse of the station terminal seaport airport is covered;

  • Construction of temporary granaries and various crops for outdoor use;

  • Construction materials for temporary work sheds and temporary warehouses at various construction sites such as power construction sites on construction sites,etc.




Construction poly film polyethyelne sheeting

(Clear or Black)

20ft x 100ft x 4 mil/6 mil/10 mil

10ft x 100ft x 2 mil/3 mil/4 mil/6 mil

10ft x 25ft x 4 mil/6 mil

12ft x 100ft x 4 mi/6 mil

8ft x 100ft x 1.5 mil/4 mil/6 mil

1ft x 300ft x 4.5 mil

2m x 50m x 100 micron

2m x 100m x 75 micron

4m x 24m x 150 micron

4m x 50m x 200 micron/205 micron/300 micron

8m x 36m x 250 micron

6MIL 16'X100'

6MIL 20'X100'

10MIL 20'X100'

6MIL 40'X100'

Painter's Plastic Sheeting

9ft x 400ft x 0.31 mil

12ft x 400ft x 0.31 mil

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