Lightweight Plastic Sheets

Lightweight Plastic Sheets

Green house film is an agricultural plastic covers film. It is longlife with UV treated, anti-drip, anti-fog and disease control effect. Also, there are features of light transmission and light diffusion as well.

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Product Description:

This kind of lightweight plastic sheet is a special plastic sheet specially used for the production and construction of agricultural facilities. Its light transmittance, heat preservation, tensile strength and aging resistance are superior to ordinary agricultural film. It is of great significance for the growth, yield increase and income increase of greenhouse crops. It is the most economical way of agricultural planting and widely used for growing vegetable, fruit, flower,etc.





100 meters

FeaturesExcellent light transmission and light diffusion,unfolds easily,installs quckily,etc.
ApplicationAgricultural planting 
Warranty4 Years


Transparent white or black


  • High rigidity and impact strength

  • High tensile strength and pucture resistance

  • Excellent heat-sealing properties and heat resisitance

  • Excellent weather resistance, soft and easy to shape

  • Excellent gloss and low haze

  • Environmentally freindly

  • Long service life with UV treated, anti-aging and dripping, anti-fog and pest disease control effect.

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