Black Plastic Mulch Sheeting

Black Plastic Mulch Sheeting

This kind of Plastic mulch film is widely used to cover wheat, cotton, watermolen, garlic, vegetables and other grops. It is light-weight, tear-resistant and have good transparency.

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Since the black plastic mulch sheeting is almost opaque, and weeds cannot germinate and carry out photosynthesis, so the herbicidal effect is remarkable. Under the sunlight, the black mulch sheeting itself has a faster temperature increasement and a higher humidity, but the heat transferred to the soil is less, so the warming effect is not as good as that of the transparent sheeting. It can be spreaded on the ground to expose the crop to the outside of the membrane or across the crop line.


Length100 meters
MaterialPolyethylene, Unti-UV component;
ApplicationSpecial for Agricultual use, stop the weed growth, and keep the water.


  • Strong fertilizer-preserving ability: The soil temperature can change smoothly, and the organic matter is in a normal circulation state.

  • Good water retention capacity: Water retention capacity is higher than transparent film

  • Anti-adverse effects: Low light transmittance and less radiant heat transmission, so the soil temperature change of the covered soil is small,which is conducive to the normal growth of crop roots.

  • Inhibition of weeds: Ground weeds will become difficult to grow due to insufficient light conditions.

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