Agricultural Polythene Sheeting

Agricultural Polythene Sheeting

Green house film is an agricultural plastic covers film. It is longlife with UV treated, anti-drip, anti-fog and disease control effect. Also, there are features of light transmission and light diffusion as well.

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Product Description:

This kind of agricultural polythene sheeting is an agricultural plastic film. It has the characteristics of being able to handle UV rays, anti-fog and long service life. In addition, it has the characteristics of light transmission and diffusion,excellent heat-sealing properties and heat resisitance. With the features of high rigidity and impact strength,  tensile strength and pucture resistance and easy installation, this product can withstand 4 years of UV exposure.


Length100 meters
Roll diameterAs per customer's request
Warranty4 Years
ColourWhite and black

Widely used in low and high single tunnel greenhouses and multi-span greenhouses, as protective cover for fruits, vegetables, flowers, poultry farming, edible fungi cultivation,etc.


  • Protect growing plants against different conditions of weather 

  • Protect agricultural products from insect and bird activity

  • Decrease using the agricultural pesticides

  • Help to creating a suitable environment for plant growth

  • Proper photosynthesis to maintain suitable humidity and temperature

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