Agricultural Plastic Sheeting

The Agricultural Plastic Sheeting we produce is made from 100% renewable energy. It has an average thickness and a flat surface, so it is very smooth to touch. It has high strength, good tensile strength and strong tear resistance. It is widely used to cover wheat, cotton, wool, garlic, vegetables and other agricultural plants. This product is a protective measure for agricultural surface covering. It is low cost and easy to use, prevents soil erosion and increases crop yields. In addition, it has the outstanding advantages of high heat emissivity and light transmittance, and has a certain inhibitory effect on weeds. It is mainly used for tiling coverage.
It protects crops from water, dust, fog and strong light. It reduces raindrops and prevents scouring. It can reduce pesticide use and is beneficial to the planet and the environment. It can increase fertilizer utilization and increase soil nutrients. It can reduce water evaporation, reduce disease occurrence and improve soil water use efficiency. In addition, it also increases light efficiency to maintain proper temperature and humidity in the soil. We are one of the leading agricultural plastic sheeting suppliers in China with rich experience. Pleasure to provide you with the best quality agricultural plastic sheeting with reasonable price and good after-sale service. Buy the quality and cheap product from our factory now.
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We are the world' leading and reliable agricultural plastic sheeting products suppliers in China. Here we bring you the best quality and cheap agricultural plastic sheeting from our professional factory. Please be free to buy our quality products and enjoy our unmatched price and service.