Printed Plastic Shopping Bags

Printed Plastic Shopping Bags

This is flat bag for grocery, gift and any other things need packing.

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Product Description:

Mainly based on polyolefins, this kind of printed plastic shopping bag is a kind of bag product used for carrying goods such as goods in sales, service and other places. This printed plastic shopping bag with a carrying function allows consumers to use it to hold the purchased items.






 Grade FDA,SGS,ISO Approved

 Widely used in shopping /gift packaging  (long-term preservation)


  • High tensile strength and good tension;

  • High softness and good touch;

  • Good oil and solvent resistance

  • Low gas permeability and good gas barrier properties;

  • Excellent antistatic properties, no vacuuming

  • Degradable and non-polluting

  • Reasonable price

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