Plastic Food Bags On A Roll

Plastic Food Bags On A Roll

It is thin and soft. It can be used to computer, food and so on. We have about 20 years'experience to manufacture this product, so please don't worry about the quality.

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Product Description:

As a kind of food packaging bag, plastic food bags on a roll are made from PE polyethylene PP polypropylene. Among them, the synthetic resin is the most important component in plastics, and acts as an adhesive to bond the other components of the plastic into a whole. It has the properties of heat softening, cooling hardening and no chemical reaction, which can be maintained regardless of how many times heating and cooling are repeated. 




Thickness Customized
Featurethin and soft

 Widely used in grocery / food / freezer storage  (long-term preservation)


  • Green and environmental protection: Drastically reduce the spread of white pollution;

  • Excellent performance: Made of environmentally friendly processing materials, good degradation ability and long service life;

  • Recycling: Soft, wear-resistant, can be folded into a variety of forms, and can be recycled;

  • Exquisite and versatile: Beautifully printed, medium in size and versatile;

  • You can choose any size of the product according to your different requirement;

  • The price is cheap but the quality is high.

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