Shopping Bags

The Shopping Bag we produce is made of the ideal biodegradable plastic. It has excellent properties, is completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms after being discarded, and is finally mineralized into a polymer material that is part of the carbon cycle in nature. It is environmentally friendly, so it can greatly reduce the use of traditional plastic bags and reduce the spread of white pollution. Its excellent performance, because it uses environmentally friendly processing materials in strict accordance with the relevant national environmental standards, the degradation ability is excellent.
It is recyclable, soft and abrasion resistant, and can be folded into various forms. It has a longer life than paper bags. It is exquisite and diverse because it is beautifully printed. It is medium in size and versatile. It is suitable for clothing, footwear, electronics, packaging, supermarkets, chain stores, promotions. It has high tensile strength and good tension. It has a high softness and a good touch. It has good oil and solvent resistance. It has low gas permeability and good gas barrier properties. It has excellent antistatic properties and does not require vacuuming. We are one of the leading shopping bags suppliers in China with rich experience. Pleasure to provide you with the best quality shopping bags with reasonable price and good after-sale service. Buy the quality and cheap product from our factory now.
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We are the world' leading and reliable shopping bags products suppliers in China. Here we bring you the best quality and cheap shopping bags from our professional factory. Please be free to buy our quality products and enjoy our unmatched price and service.