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Standard For Selection Of Garbage Bags

- May 04, 2017 -

First, according to the Environmental protection design concept, choose trash bags:

The first to buy "can pack", because the general garbage bag can only load 2/3 capacity. Reloading will not accept the mouth, not conducive to garbage cleanup, choose "Automatic shell garbage bags, can make full use of the capacity of garbage bags space, can be more garbage, so less plastic bags."

Second, the garbage bags are divided into two designs, one is flat bottom, one is octagonal bottom, flat-bottom design garbage bags, large capacity. Octagonal bottom multi-point load bearing capacity is more powerful.

The third annotation uses high-strength PE pure new material, more than only two recycled material bag body has more to do, more flexible and durable easily puncture.

Fourth, to choose the garbage bags easy to shut down, so that the treatment of garbage, if the garbage bag easy to break the leak, not easy to shut down, environmental workers in the disposal of garbage scattered, not conducive to environmental protection.

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