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Plastic Bags Do Not Put Microwave Heating

- May 04, 2017 -

Yesterday, the city's quality and technical supervision to remind the use of plastic bags of food, snacks and other direct consumption of foods, it is best not to use colored plastic bags, because this plastic bags are used recycled waste plastic products to be processed, can not directly loaded food.

Refrigerator, frozen food should be used to keep the film, instead of using ordinary plastic bags, fresh film is also consumers more concerned about one of the daily consumer goods, the general Food preservation film by material can be divided into polyethylene (PE), PVC (PVC) and other types.

However, these two kinds of fresh film are not recommended in the microwave oven heating, even if there are annotations can be used in microwave heating or high temperature, recommended users should be cautious, to choose a "microwave oven special" packaging containers.

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