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Performance Characteristics Of Agricultural Film

- May 04, 2017 -

The use of plastic film is the most widely used in the current agricultural film. Its role mainly includes the plant roots of insulation, antifreeze, soil moisture protection, light to regulate, save water, soil salinity to play a certain control, these functions can better promote the early ripening crops, quality and production of double improvement.

At present, China is widely used in polyethylene as raw materials for the production of agricultural plastic film, and also part of the PVC, from the function of agricultural plastic film classification, agricultural film mainly include: ordinary colorless transparent film (also known as the film), no Drop film (also known as flow drop film), optical effect film (including colored film and rotary film), weeding film, insulation film, degradable film, anti-aging film, seepage membrane (including microporous membranes and microporous membranes) and so on.

The EVA film is compared with the PE film which is mainly used in the agricultural film. Its insulation, transparency and the compatibility with no drops are better, it also has anti-aging, impact, tensile good and easy to become film advantages, but because of its relatively high raw material costs, but in the dosage is not universally available.

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