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How To Solve The Crystal Point Problem Of PVC Heat Shrinkable Film?

- May 04, 2017 -

How to solve the bubble and crystal point problem in PVC heat shrinkable film? Below we analyse:

1. If you are using the suspension resin the emergence of a crystal point belongs to normal phenomena, this is the polymerization process itself decided; proposed replacement of the cost body method resin; The main body particle regularity, particle size distribution concentrated, better than suspension resin, product transparency is higher than the same type of suspension resin.

The emergence of bubbles: from the processing temperature, the proportion of raw materials to the appropriate adjustments can be solved.

2. The crystal point problem reasonably formulated the formulation, enhances its plasticizing, pays attention to the screw rod and the material barrel temperature, pays attention to the product plasticizing situation; The bubble is likely to be caused by excessive water content of raw materials.

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