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Discussion On The Development Of Plastic Film Industry

- May 04, 2017 -

Plastic film due to large production and variety, in agriculture, industry, construction and other fields have a wide range of uses, the current production of plastic film in China accounted for about 20% percent of the total production of plastic products, is a faster growth in the output of the next few years, the domestic market demand for plastic film will continue to increase at 9% speed, China's market prospects are very broad

With the rapid development of agricultural science and technology, the demand for plastic film will continue to grow, the plastic film industry in China facing major development opportunities, enterprises should increase technical inputs, reasonable use of resources, as soon as possible to compensate for the production of technology and materials supply deficiencies, thus in the plastic film market to win more market share

At present, the green of plastic soft packaging film has become one of the important development trends, although green packaging does not currently have a fully unified definition, in general, it can recycle, reuse or degrade corruption, and in the product's entire life cycle of the human body and the environment does not cause the pollution of moderate packaging, called green packaging.

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