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Construction Preparation For Construction Film

- May 04, 2017 -

1. With all kinds of tools, raw and auxiliary materials to ensure smooth construction.

2. The film is used in the construction of cleaning fluids, installation glue, construction tools and film cleaning maintenance supplies should be used in the membrane products.

3. The staff of the film-sticking construction shall undergo professional training.

4. Different Glass has a certain limitation on the foil, and should consult the "Stress integration table" in detail before the foil.

5. Try to avoid installing the architectural film under the climatic conditions of overheating and supercooled.

6. There must be enough construction sites

7. Architectural film must provide the same batch of products with the Chinese logo of the factory quality certificate, product quality certificate, the validity of the type of inspection report (including Weatherability test).

8. Auxiliary materials such as installation glue, washing liquid, lubricant should provide quality certificate of the same batch product.

9. Most of the architectural films are suitable for indoor, such as external use of external film.

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