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China Customs Strictly Inspects Imported Goods, And US Sub-brand Materials Are Subject To Strict Scrutiny, And Even New Materials Are Deducted!

- Aug 14, 2018 -

At the beginning of May, Sino-US trade relations were tight, and China began to conduct 100% inspection on imported US fruits and waste materials.

This move has led many domestic companies to import products from the United States and accumulate in China's ports for strict inspections, making the goods stay longer than before. Domestic importers spend more time, delay in delivery, and tight supply of imported raw materials. Further intensified.

Yesterday, according to industry insiders, the current US sub-brand materials, including imports, also need to be strictly reviewed, and even new materials have been affected by the Sino-US trade war.

In early April, the Chinese government plans to increase tariffs by 25% on products such as liquefied propane and EVA from the United States.

Usually, the industry calculates 1 ton of propylene based on 1.2 tons of propane, and then adds 800 yuan/ton of polymerization cost to calculate the cost of polypropylene. The increase in tariffs will increase the production cost of the large-scale polypropylene futures (referred to as “PP futures”) in the short-term, but the escalation of trade friction will affect economic development, which will lead to a decline in demand for PP futures.

Since May 4, 2018, waste materials from the United States have been 100% unpacked and 100% inspected and quarantined.

Many US-exported products accumulate in various ports in China, accepting extremely strict and frequent inspections, making the stay longer than before. Including California fruit, Ford, and so on, are waiting for Chinese customs officials to check and release.

According to informed sources, fruit can easily become a trade dispute because it is easy to delay due to health and safety reasons. Ford was also subjected to unusually strict inspections at the port, and pork was also subject to more frequent inspections. China is trying to find companies that may put pressure on the US government and let the government change its attitude.

The corporate group said that China is reminding the United States of how important the Chinese market is for US exports!

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