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What about the damage of agricultural film?

- May 04, 2017 -

What about the damage of agricultural film? The cost of agricultural film occupies a lot of proportion in agriculture production, how to deal with the damage of agricultural film, increase the reuse rate of agricultural film, reduce the cost of agriculture production, and now introduce the method of temporary patching of three kinds of plastic films.

1. Water supplement method, wipe the broken place scrub clean, cut a little bigger than the broken place of the film without holes, dip in water affixed to the holes in the air between the two membranes, clean up.

2. Paper supplement, slight breakage of the agricultural film, dipped in the water after the wet paste in the broken place, generally can be used about 10 days.

3. Paste supplement method, use white flour add water to make paste, add the equivalent of dry flour weight 1/3 of red lining, slightly heated can be used to supplement film.

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