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Film Quality decides service life

- May 04, 2017 -

In many cases will encounter such a problem: the film in the end of the length of life, most will answer, the film 5-10 years, the film for 2-5 years, this is more objective, but in fact the film service life and the environment and the quality of the film has an inevitable connection.

Through years of the construction of the film has been investigated and return visits, found that the problem of the main film bubble, warping, so it is very clear that there is no longer the insulation film, explosion-proof membrane appearance quality and warranty of the promise of a relatively large outlet, especially explosion-proof membrane, when the bubble, the edge of the situation, the actual loss of explosion-proof security.

Therefore, in addition to the quality of the material itself accidents, if the film plays a role, construction quality is very important, is also a very critical link. It is recommended that the quality assurance condition should be followed up to 2-3 years of appearance and check to restrict the loss of the construction problem.

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