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Degradable agricultural film will become the new favorite in the future

- Apr 18, 2018 -

China is the country with the largest production and use of farmland membranes. However, according to the investigation of the status quo of domestic agricultural film production enterprises, although the domestic multi-functional greenhouse films have made breakthroughs in anti-aging, drip, insulation, and anti-fog, etc. However, there is still a big gap between the light transmission performance and the international advanced level. The annual amount of sunlight in most of the growing areas in China is not high enough, and a multifunctional haze film with low haze value is required.

According to experts, there is a great impact of agricultural film on the growth of crops, such as affecting the flowering pollination of the crops, and easy to carry bacteria, water droplets can easily cause the crop leaves, stems, flowers, fruit rot and so on. The fog in the greenhouse affects not only the illumination of the crops, the respiration of the leaves, but also the pollination and fruit setting of the crops. It is the main route for transmission of germs. Therefore, it is best to choose a light-insulating film function film, which has a high heat preservation performance. During the daytime, the sunlight can carry heat energy to make the temperature of the shelf rise. At night, the heat energy radiates to the outside of the shed in the form of far-infrared. In addition, the multi-functional film has dust-proof properties, which can reduce dust collection, facilitate cleaning, delay the decline in light transmission performance, and achieve dustproof effect. In addition, there is a light-transmitting agricultural film, which is mainly suitable for hi-light crops, which can increase the fruit setting rate and advance the maturity of the crop.

Wang Yaolin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that in order to get more shares in the fierce competition, agricultural film companies must work hard to develop high-tech products, make more technical reserves, and develop various targeted and multi-purpose applications. The multifunctional membrane enables the enterprise to transform into a technology type. At present, the anti-aging film produced by some companies, multi-effect anti-fog and shed film, high-low pressure polyethylene film and high-efficiency and multi-degradable plastic products are favored by users.

Speaking of the research and production of domestic degradable membranes, Xu Yuexian, former director of the China Agricultural Technology Economic Research Association and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that this is a long-term issue. He said that the thickness of the mulching film is continuously thinning and the covering cost is very low, but it is very difficult to manually remove the waste plastic film. In order to solve the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste, environmentally degradable plastics have emerged. However, from the current development and research of the product, due to the difference in temperature between the North and South, product design is difficult to meet the needs of various places. Degradable membranes are greatly affected by the environment. Targeted products have yet to be further developed.

In the face of an increasingly green international market, elimination of white pollution caused by waste plastics has become a global environmental issue. The agricultural film production enterprises must aim at the market, adapt to the current adjustment of the industrial structure of the agricultural industry, and produce more products suitable for the production of high-value-added agricultural products. It is understood that the demand for environmentally degradable plastics in Europe is increasing at a rate of 59% per year; in Japan, environmental degradable plastics accounted for 10% of total consumption in 2000. According to experts' predictions, green environmental protection products will be the leading products in the future market, and environmentally degradable plastics will have a broad domestic and foreign market.

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