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Classification of high-grade gift boxes

- May 04, 2017 -

1. From the wall to divide the fabric, the most important is: paper, leather, cloth and so on.

Paper Category: Including gold and silver cardboard, pearlescent paper and various kinds of art paper;

Leather materials: including leather and leather pu fabrics, etc.

Cloth: Including a variety of cotton and hemp texture.

2. From the scope of application, mainly in the Japanese class, liquor, food category, tobacco, digital electronics, jewelry category.

Day of the class: Mainly used in cosmetics, perfume two areas;

Liquor: Mainly liquor, red wine and various foreign wines;

Food Category: Mainly chocolate and health care food;

Tobacco Category: The major tobacco companies launched high-end boutique;

Digital electronics: such as high-end brands of mobile phone boxes, tablet computer boxes;

Jewelry: All kinds of jewelry are basically a unique style of gift box packaging to foil its personalization.

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